Gym Machine Workout Routine for Beginners

Gym Machine Workout Routine for Beginner Weight Loss

When you’re trying to lose weight, the gym can be a very intimidating place. You might look around at everyone else who seems so at ease and light years ahead of you in progress.

The machines all around you may feel alien, and you’re at a loss where to even begin.

Let me tell you a little secret: Every single person in that gym has felt exactly the way you are feeling at one point. Establishing an effective fat loss gym workout takes a few fundamentals, determination, and consistency.

Preparing for Your Beginner Gym Machine Workout

Check your self-consciousness at the door of the gym and get to know the machines. Consult a gym employee or read instructions to become familiar with their proper use.

You can test different weights once you’re confident about using the equipment. Pick a weight light enough to perform the move, but substantial enough to pose a challenge for your muscles.

You should feel a little bit of shaking at the height of the motion.

The focus in the gym is on the quality of your movements, not the number of repetitions. Once you build solid fundamentals for your exercise program, progress will come.

To track progress, consider keeping a notebook with you in your gym bag or car. Write down a brief overview of your routine and note how many reps at which amount of weight you could complete.

Building Your Workout Routine

The best fat loss gym workout for beginners combines cardio and strength training. Cardio increases your heart rate and boost your metabolism as well as improves your cardiovascular health.

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Weight lifting builds muscle; the more muscle your body has, the higher your metabolism is, even in a resting state.

You can achieve more significant weight loss with a proper muscle building routine because your body will be burning fat away from the gym as well!

Variety in your workout routine is also essential for total body fat loss. Set a goal to visit the gym a few times a week, focusing on a different body region each day.

On leg day, concentrate on leg presses, hamstring curls, and weighted lunges and squats. Start with three sets of 10 reps of each exercise.

For the weighted leg exercises, begin with small dumbbells in each hand and work your way up to a more substantial barbell.

Arm and chest day could start with dumbbells curls and lifts. Work your way up to barbell lifts and bench presses.

Add in some weighted lateral pulldowns to target your shoulders. Use a lighter weight and begin with three sets of 15 reps for each movement.

For core day, perform some crunches or planks on a giant exercise ball. If this is too difficult, start with some regular crunches on an exercise mat.

Get on the reclined work out bench and perform some sit-ups. You can hold on to a dumbbell or barbell weight to add more resistance. Focus on three sets of 10 reps of each exercise.

While you are working out, focus on what you enjoy. The trick to implementing a gym routine you will stick to is shaping one you enjoy. What challenges your muscles the most? What exercise do you find fun?

Be sure to incorporate a warm-up, cool down, and stretch in your routine. Warming up primes your muscles for a successful workout and decreases the chance of injury.

The structure of a gym machine workout routine for beginners may look something like this:

  1. Warm Up: 10 minutes of slow-moderate exercise biking.
  2. Strength Training: 20 minutes of focused weight lifting.
  3. Cardio: 20 minutes of moderate-fast cardio.
  4. Cool Down: 10 minutes of moderate-slow walking on a treadmill.
  5. Stretch: 5 minutes of stretching on an exercise mat.

Here’s another example of a super effective fat burning gym workout:

How to Exercise to Lose Weight: Incorporating High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

If you have a tight schedule, don’t let that keep you away from the gym. Remember, some gym time is better than no gym time.

Focus on a total body quick gym machine workout, and dedicate about ten minutes total to your warm-up, cool down, and stretch. A HIIT routine allows for an excellent cardio workout in a short time frame.

The most effective cardio to burn fat fast is any interval training. Interval training is bursts of moderate to strenuous cardio activity followed by brief periods of recovery or reduced activity.

Cycling through these intervals turns your body into a fat-burning machine while increasing your endurance and fitness level. If you are beginning a cardio routine, don’t go all out with a high-intensity program.

Start with a regular interval program. An interval program on a treadmill would look like this:

  1. Two minutes of a brisk jog (about 3.5-4 mph)
  2. 45 seconds of walking (about 2.5-3 mph)
  3. Repeat above steps for 20 minutes

When you are ready to advance, a high-intensity work out will look like this:

  1. One minute 30 seconds of all-out sprinting (6.5-8 mph)
  2. 45 seconds of brisk walking (3-3.5 mph)
  3. Repeat the above steps for 28 minutes

Best Gym Machines to Lose Weight Fast

Gyms host an array of machines to help you get started. Incorporate as many of these as you can in your fat loss workout program.

Best Gym Machines to Lose Weight Fast

Rowing machines provide a cardio boost and strength train your arms at the same time. An elliptical is an excellent option for cardio if you have any issues with your lower joints.

It is a low-impact version of a treadmill. The machine named ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ provides a challenging cardio ladder-climbing exercise. Using a variety of these machines keeps you engaged in your workout routine.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it: consistency and time are keys to seeing results from your workout routine. Don’t be afraid to alter your routine to fit your current mood and time allowance.

As you progress, your gym routine can and should grow with you. Soon, all the apprehension you felt during your first gym visit will feel like a distant memory, and your body will change before your eyes!

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