Time to Take the Noticeable Results of Your Workouts to the Next Level? 

Daniel Fresquez

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

I absolutely could have used a virtual fitness consultation when I began my fitness journey. This would have saved me years of trying various routines and wondering if I'd eventually feel better.

[Daniel & Patricia Fresquez]

Owners and Operators

What You’ll Get During Your Virtual Fitness Consultation

This meeting is focused on you, the obstacles you're facing, and the type of improvements you want to become a reality. By the end of your meeting you'll have the path you've been looking for to achieve your best health and fitness.

Connect with a Specialist who Wants You to Succeed

We'll start with a chat to learn about one another and start thinking more about your fitness-related habits. Then we'll schedule your fitness consultation.

Explain the Reasons for Your Current Fitness Problems

During your consultation, we'll reveal your primary motivators to improve your health and uncover the hidden barriers to achieving your goals.

Follow a Clear Plan to Transform Your Fitness

After your meeting, you'll have an actionable plan telling you exacly how to effectively reach your fitness goals.

About Daniel & Patricia

We're certified personal trainers who work directly with each client to build out a personalized plan tailored to their specific needs. Although a lot of fitness problems have the same causes, we understand that everyone progresses differently based on their personality and level of motivation.

Why They Recommend Having a Virtual Fitness Consultation

You aren't required to make a purchase to book your free fitness consultation. Take a look at what others think about Feel Better Together and why you should give us a shot.

Kennith Sisneros

They help to keep us less motivated people stay motivated. The plans are tailored to each individual and their unique goals and capabilities.

Sarah Fresuez-Pena

I enjoyed using this program overall. My trainers helped set up my workouts and meal plans and helped me understand what and how much I should be eating everyday. I am able to use the nutrition advice and work out easily again even after I fall off the wagon.

Melinda YBARRA

Patricia is one of a kind. She challenged me and was hard on me in the kindest way. I lost 15 pounds within a month and a half and continued to achieve my goals after we completed our time. Thanks girl for all your hard work!

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