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What do you mean free?

Our free plan gives you a chance to use the mobile training app, try a pre-built workout, and connect in the public group. We’d like to give you a chance to get to know us first with this free Community Fitness membership.

Do you have any other freebies or discounts?

Yes. Right now, New Mexico teachers and Educational Assistants qualify for a New Mexico Educator Pass.

What Comes With Community Fitness

On-Site Fitness & Nutrition Calculators

Get personal numbers like your calories per day and the number of beats per minute to aim for during your cardio. Interested in increasing your lean mass? You’ll also have access to a weight table showing how much weight lift during your sets.

Training app with workout & progress tracker

Video demonstrations and step by step guidance during your workouts make it easy to stay on track. Your training app also provides an easy way to log your progress and body stats so you can see improvements over time.

Pre-built workouts from beginner to advanced

Choose a workout that matches your current difficulty, and as you progress, a new challenge is right there waiting. Get started using only your body weight, or try TRX.

In-app community fitness group

Keep in touch with others who have the same health-oriented mindset and celebrate your wins together in a place of encouragement.


We’ve developed the tools to help you gain mastery over a healthy lifestyle using reinforcing habits and the positive mindset you need to reach your health and fitness goals.

Cardio Workouts

Are you a runner, like the eliptical, or do you like calisthenics? We have them all. Get your heart pumping with cardio workouts for any skill level.

Corrective Exercises

When you’re restricted, you can’t do the movements you know your body needs to get strong and stay healthy. Correct your posture with workouts crafted to relieve tight muscles and restore mobility.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

They know what they’re doing and do everything to better yourself and get you where you want.
Esther C.

Feeling good eating my balanced breakfast after doing my workout. My program is really helping me stay on track.
Patricia F.

They help to keep us less motivated people motivated. The plans are tailored to each individual and their unique goals and capabilities.
Kennith S.

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