If you haven’t found a pair of workout gloves that have worked well for you so far, this list can prove helpful. If you are just starting to work out, you might decide to carefully select a pair prior to beginning your workout so that you can stay as comfortable as possible during a wide range of activities. #workoutclothes #gymlife #fitnessgoals #review

Getting straight to the point, the best workout gloves to prevent calluses are the RIMSports Washable Gym Gloves for Callus and Blister Protection.

But, they aren’t your only option, and if you’re looking for the best value, you might want to check out True Fitness Premium Padded Workout Gloves.

Regular, intense workouts, and exercising is critical when you want to change your body shape and finally lose those pounds. A massive trend we have seen escalate is lifting weights as part of that regime to speed up those results.

It is true you need to be lifting weights to ‘tone’ up those problem areas that you want to tighten, but it also helps us massively when burning calories – allowing us to keep burning those pesky tasty points long after our workout has finished much more than cardio does.

That beach body is within touching distance but the one (and only one downside) to lifting weights – because there is nothing better than smashing your personal best on the squat rack or that pump feeling you get having done a decent session or the results you start to see as your bingo wings begin to tighten up and disappear.

We can really hurt our hands.

Ladies, in particular, have weaker wrists plus our grip strength can be much less of a man’s and the worst thing when you are wanting to deadlift a huge bar to impress the guy staring at you is to be put off by the pain in your hands.

Workout gloves are a great alternative and allow you to lift the bar or weights in full confidence that the calluses or blisters aren’t gonna get in the way.

They also aid with grip strength as well, so as long much as you are 100% strong enough to hold the weight or bar, you aren’t being let down by your hands just not being able to hold on to it.

When I ever see someone in the gym, I assume they have workout gloves for the sake of it – all the gear and no idea type, but then when you see them boss out a cool 220lb / 100kg deadlift I take it back and know they are serious!

Here we have a list of workout gloves we have researched, and the pros and cons allow you to make a decision on what is going to suit your workout and exercise regime best!

The Gold Medal for the Best Workout Gloves to Prevent Calluses Goes To

RIMSports Washable Gym Gloves for Callus and Blister Protection

The gloves are available in a variety of fun colors meaning you can mix and match them with any workout outfit you choose for the most color co-ordinated of gym goes.

These workout gloves are perfect for any exercise from biking, rowing, lifting, weights and heavy bag use – even take them to your local yoga class just to show them how professional you are ;).

They are perfect for callus protection and for avoiding those blisters that can hamper your workout routine and schedule for days to come, they are designed to keep your hands safe and injury free, and with the breathable material, these gloves are extremely lightweight so you won’t be held back by the material.

The fingerless gloves feature a soft, breathable fabric allowing your hands to breath during even the most intensive workouts.

It offers a soft cushioning feature over the palm which will protect the hand from the most heaving of weights so you can keep control of the dumbbell the whole time without worrying about blisters forming or even skin ripping – yes that can happen!

The added support for the wrists is an impressive little feature – you will find some exercises put a massive strain on your wrists – especially females as we have weak wrists anyway so concentrating on keeping them straight during a particular exercise or workout is really important.

So with the custom fit strapping it can fit any wrists, but you can also make it tighter and or looser depending on the support needed.

The material gives your skin a break from the calluses and blisters that tend to form when you are busting out the heaviest of exercises in the gym from the repetitive movement, gripping and rubbing that can occur when lifting some serious iron.

Not only can we use these as a great fashion statement in the gym – using them to compliment any on-trend workout outfit but with the added wrist support they are great for home use as well.

When we can’t always get to the gym – a home workout is a great alternative to keep you on track and burn those extra calories. Having these gloves handy can help when gripping home weights but the wrist support when doing the upper body exercises like press ups and mountain climbers can really help those weak joints pull through.

As well as a workout we could use these gloves for regular home use as well – with the cushioned palm feature as well as the wrist support, and fabric means any around the house jobs can be smashed as these gloves would prevent the calluses and blisters forming and giving your hands that bit of extra protection!

Yes, you will have to find another excuse not to get them done 😉

And in Second Place – Working Hard to Get That Gold Medal Next Time

Fit Active Ventilated Weight Lifting Gloves with Full Palm Protection

These gloves have gone all sciencey and feature an innovative design allowing the gloves to breathe which means you will no longer be the smelly hand guy at the gym. We can put deodorant on all we want but with an intense workout happening our gloves can end up smelling as bad as a 2-week old protein shaker.

If you are looking for a pair of gloves that give you the ventilation, then these will be a perfect fit while still offering the full palm protection, wrist support, and finger support while being lightweight and comfortable.

These gloves aren’t just your usual weight lifting gloves and can be used for so much more including rowing, functional exercises, aerobic balls, and that dreaded cross fit – have you even seen people do cross fit before?

I can’t believe it – it’s basically like watching a regular workout video and putting it on fast forward – that stuff is intense, but don’t let me put you off 😉 just make sure you get yourselves some gloves before you partake!

The one thing these gloves may not be great for is aiding punching a heavy boxing bag as they don’t offer the finger and knuckle support that other gloves do, but if you are looking for a glove that will protect you from calluses and blisters, then these are the one for you.

The full palm covering not only allows for protection but also for the grip needed to lift heavy weights bars – there is nothing more frustrating than trying to lift a bar that you know you can do but your grip strength lets you down – I need a pair of these for my workouts!

With the built-in wrist straps these gloves are really versatile and can fit a variety of wrist sizes – allowing that wrist support when lifting or carrying out the most intense of exercises, these are perfect for females who suffer from wrist pain or weakness when lifting the weights.

I have been there – knowing my chest is strong enough to lift a specific weight, but it’s my weak wrists that let me down as they just aren’t strong enough to keep the weight controlled and stable.

Having the wrist support is an absolute must if you are wanting to really push your workouts to the next level as well as avoiding injury to your wrists or to you for that matter!

With the inventive design of the gloves it allows your hands to breathe and the air to circulate thus allowing no smell to formulate as you blast through your workout – yes your hands will get sweaty and so they should 😉 but the airflow will allow no bad smells, and with the gloves coming in a range of sizes these are perfect for any budding gym-goer who wants to beast it but doesn’t want the pain and hassle of blisters, calluses, and sore wrists!

And Finally in Third Place, Bringing up the Rear

Trideer Pro Padded Gym Gloves

Being a very reputable company, Trideer knows exactly what to give their customers when it comes to solid design and stability when it comes to workout gloves – high five Trideer, giving the people what they want.

These workout gloves come in a whole range of sizes and are suitable for any workout enthusiast and with its full hand cover design it offers the maximum protection from calluses, blisters and minor skin ripping that can occur from heavy weightlifting.

They will offer the best in support and comfort when performing a whole host of exercises from weightlifting, rowing, kickboxing, pull-ups, and CrossFit.

Unlike some of the other gloves – as this has a full palm covering and support for the knuckles these are great when boxing, kickboxing or working out using a heavy bag.

Being into boxing myself with the repetitive movement plus the different punches your wrists and knuckles can take quite a beating and whereas we recommend wearing wraps – having these gloves as an alternative gets rids of the faff of dealing with wraps.

Giving you the utmost support and comfort for your wrists, knuckles and with its innovative silica gel padding on the palm of the glove, it means you won’t have the frustration of the weights slipping when you are trying to lift them.

These awesome gloves offer complete protection from the wrists right up to the knuckles meaning you are fully protected from calluses, blisters and any other injury that may occur allowing you to lifts weights just like you watched them do on Instagram.

Lifting weight can be really intimidating for a beginner so giving you the best start with gloves like these allows you to concentrate on the form and technique of the exercise rather than your wrists or palm hurting – you will soon be applying for world strongest person in no time.

Finally the microfibre material allows the gloves to breathe which is fantastic considering how much the palm and hand is covered and protected, but it also allows your hands to be ventilated and breath even during the most sweaty and intense workouts so no need to worry about any smelly gloves stinking up the weights rooms and then your gym bag.

Best Value workout Gloves

True Fitness Premium Padded Workout Gloves

If you are looking for a pair of workout gloves that not only support the wrists, protect your hands from calluses and blisters but also are comfortable plus you are on a tight budget then these may be the gloves of your dreams – lol dramatic huh?

These attractive looking workout companions from True Fitness fit like a glove (lol) and are ideal for any gym enthusiast looking to keep the hands of theirs free from injury.

They are comfortable but offer protection across the whole palm and fingers from blister, calluses and those minor tears you can get from the repetitive moments that lifting weights can do.

With the half finger cover they allow for maximum support for this traditional workout glove to be a perfect workout companion from everyone who is a beginner to the strongest guy in the gym and with it’s flexible fabric in the finger area and adjustable wrist support you will have no excuses not to hit that personal best at the gym this week.

The gloves are real upmarket as well with their genuine suede and leather (fancy) around the palm area to help prevent injury , this material is really robust, so you have no risk or slipping no matter how much weight you have on that deadlift bar, with the rest of the glove designed in a breathable material to increase ventilation during any workout.

With the non slip grip it makes these gloves perfect for any workout from your heavy benchpress to a simple press up at home – no matter where you are working out of what exercise you are doing you’ll be sure these gloves will give you maximum protection, maximum grip, maximum support and hopefully no smells, apart from your protein shaker – make sure you wash that straight away!

Best Workout Gloves For You

With so many different gloves out there that boast a whole load of features, but all with the same goal of preventing calluses and blisters but giving you the utmost comfort, it can get very confusing on which one to go for.

Although some have been chosen as the best, here we have given you the rundown of 4 different gloves – all with their own style but all offering the utmost protection, support, and comfort.

As with anything it comes down to your budget so take that into consideration when choosing your new workout companion but safety and protection need to be the most important things.

It also comes down to what you will be using them for – all these gloves are incredibly versatile and can be used for anything from weight lifting, to cardio, simple bodyweight exercises, cross fit and rowing.

If boxing is your thing, then look for a glove that protects the knuckles as well as the wrists and hands that way they are protected, and it won’t hold you back from going crazy on the bag when you have had a bad day at the office.

All the gloves out there offer you protection from calluses and blisters which is the primary, number 1 goal, so at the end of the day it will come down to your budget, style preference, and favorite color when it comes to choosing the perfect glove to aid your workouts.

Don’t Let Blisters Stop You from Performing That Perfect Deadlift!

Now I know there will be some of you that have a very different opinion about workout gloves and I have to be honest I was one of you.

When discussing workout gloves vs. bare hands, it can have a massive dividing opinion, and the usual answer is ego, and ultimately not knowing the considerable effect gloves can have on your form and technique because we just think they look silly.

I have worked with several clients who have referred to them as ‘lazy person gloves,’ but this is because we see people wearing them on a bike or treadmill.

Guys, I don’t wanna be the one that judges but what are you doing wearing them while walking uphill on the treadmill – please send your answers to me on a postcard.

Workout gloves are perfect for grip strength and as mentioned – as females have delicate wrists so having the support from a glove that also helps with prevention of injury as well as grip strength is really important.

As strength and weightlifting have become the next big thing when looking to change your body shape, increase your strength and ultimately increase your confidence – nothing compares to smashing out a heavy deadlift in the free weights room in front of all the guys and walking out the gym like a boss.

This is where gloves would be essential and ultimately your new best friend.

You Shouldn’t Feel like a Wimp, Weakling, or Wuss If You Wear Gloves to Aid Your Workout

Not using them is what will make it worse – you’ll get blisters on your hand and then can’t lift for the next few days – thus making you fall out of your routine – lose motivation and then sack it off completely which ultimately equals a significant decrease in strength and fitness very quickly.

All this because you were too proud to get a pair of gloves on your little hands – yet I’m pretty sure you use moisturizer right? Come on now – let’s brush that ego aside and get lifting some serious weight.

One of the most impressive exercises in the gym for me and for many others is the pull-up – the ultimate test of strength when it comes to lifting your entire body weight up and slowly bringing it back down.

You have done it, right? Watched the guys in the gym doing pull-ups and wonder how they do it.

Well, with a handy pair of gripped gloves in your gym bag that exercise could be a whole lot closer.

Just like any exercise, 99% of the time it won’t be the fact that your back, biceps, and shoulders (all the muscles used in a pull up) aren’t strong enough, it will be because your hands slip and you lose your grip. Having a pair of gloves to protect your hands and to aid in the beginning is a great way to get started, and then you can be the person everyone stares at wishing they could do a pull up like you.

Ultimately this won’t fix the long-term problem – in the future, we would want to progress to doing a full pull up without grip assists and gloves, but this is something you can work up to as your grip strength improves over time, this is definitely something you can achieve in the not too distant future.

The ultimate purpose of using gloves is to aid in preventing callus and blisters occurring on your hands and fingers – so finding the right glove is vital.

But for me they offer so much more than that – we are talking support for the wrists – absolutely paramount especially when lifting weights above your head knowing that your wrists are supported – you to have the confidence to lift the weight without worrying your weak little wrists are gonna cave in.

They offer the grip strength on the palm allowing you to perform exercises like pull-ups and deadlifts without having to worry about your grip letting you down and your hands slipping from the equipment.

This isn’t going to fix the problem long term concerning our grip and wrist strength because we don’t want to be reliant on these gloves for the rest of our workout career. However, they are great for starting out, and we can progress on to using them less and less as we get more confident with the exercises.

We want to lift weights safely but really push ourselves – meaning that over time we will grow in strength, confidence and hotness factor 😉

Don’t let your ego get in the way of getting some gloves so you can smash out all workouts and exercises effectively!