Getting fit and healthy is an important part of a great lifestyle, and many people choose to reach their fitness goals by using exercise equipment. While some people choose to go to the gym, paying a monthly membership for access to workout machines, others are interested in creating their very own home gym by selecting multiple machines. If you are limited on space, however, the best total gym machine for home use can be a lifesaver! #homegym #workout #fatloss #musclebuilding #review

If you’re looking for absolute quality as well as an epic total body workout, the best total gym for home use is the Bowflex Blaze Home Gym.

Or if you’re on a budget and want the best value, the Weider Ultimate Body Works is what you’re looking for.

Many people will opt for a gym membership at their local establishment giving them the variety and most importantly the accountability to go each month.

A gym membership can vary, from the cheapest offering just the gym floor and classes – but this allows the variety to 100% smash whatever inch lost, weight losing or strength gaining goal you have.

Some gyms have all the bells and whistles giving you everything from tennis to a sauna to restaurants but like anything it needs to fit in with your individual budget.

For me, the most beneficial part of having a gym membership is the accountability – you are investing that dollar each month so you would like to think you would stick to it and actually go to make the monthly payment worthwhile.

We have all been there – signed up to the local gym, telling yourself this year will be different to the rest, and you WILL stick to that new year’s resolution, the same you have set every year for the past 7.

Bought the latest trainers, the newest gym outfit, even invested in a cheeky new pair of headphones so you can really hit the ground running, literally, but 2 weeks pass, the excitement wears off, and you are never to set foot in the gym again until next January.

Sound familiar?

A great alternative to this, a daily reminder each day to workout (before it turns into a clothes horse that is) is a home workout system.

Men don’t have an issue with doing some strength training, but women seem to be afraid to look bulky or lose size in areas they want to stay bigger.

On top of that, for some, the gym can be a really intimidating place, everyone seems fitter than you right?

All the ladies in their lycra and men in their vests showing off their muscles that they seem to get so quickly – they are just lucky, aren’t they?!

But if we are lacking the confidence and self-belief to step out into the wide world of gyms, then there are a whole load of exercises and workouts you can be doing at home – ye, you don’t get away with it that easily.

There are thousands of videos on youtube of workouts you can do just in your living room with no equipment at all.

They are great – but to really push it – to really get those curves in all the right places – you know like the ladies have at your local gym, we need to do some strength based stuff.

Now ladies, I know what you’re thinking, strength exercises – that means I’ll turn into a man.

Nope, not even close.

I can guarantee one of your goals is to tone up.


Well toning isn’t really a thing, but we will save that lesson for another day – but to tighten and ‘tone’ those muscles that you want so badly we have to do these strength exercises to get there.

Your bingo wings,
Your thighs,
Your glutes,
Your tummy,

All the problem areas that you want to ‘tone’ up – then strength exercises is where it’s at.

So taking the gym out of the equation we can look to invest our hard earned money in something else, something that will stare at us every day in our living room or bedroom, a constant reminder to actually use it.

We have researched 3 of the best total home gym machines.

Machines that you can set up in the comfort of your own home that have loads of different gadgets and whistles that provide you with a total full body workout (the best workout to do).

Let’s give you a run down from 1st to 3rd with a silver medal placed comfortably in the middle of the two.

First Place: Absolute Best Total Gym for Home Use

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

Now if you have ever invested in some home gym equipment before – you know that ab machine you bought last new year when you were drunk and wanted to make a fresh start?

Well, it was no doubt made by Bowflex who is the number 1 provider of all things home workout.

These guys have been around for a few years now but are always coming up with new and innovative ways to up the whole home exercise niche.

Their latest creation – The Bowflex Blaze – is a total home gym that offers sixty different exercises in one machine – giving you a crazy amount of variety.

This gym provides you 210 pounds of resistance, but this can be upgraded to 310 pounds or even 410 pounds, which is a great idea because as your strength grows, you can still keep pushing it to achieve those epic results.

Our body can get bored and plateau very quickly, a lot quicker than you would like – so not only will your results slow down because your body is just used to the exercises and the intensity to which you have pushed it, but you can also get very bored with the activities and routine yourself.

That is the number one reason why people quit a workout regime or ‘diet,’ they get bored, lose motivation and then sack it all off completely.

We can’t let that happen.

That’s is why this machine is insane value for what you get – a massive range of exercises and weights to not just see results consistently but to also stop you from getting bored and falling off the wagon again.

So exercises in this bad boy include a sliding seat for rowing, a pulley system for strength training and upper body workouts (no more man boobs or bingo wings), an angled lat bar, leg system (let’s work them glutes) plus a weighted bench.

It has one minor downside if we can call it a downside, the size.

It has a larger footprint then others, but the benefits and variety of it are 100% worth it, so if you can spare the space then it is definitely worth the investment.

Plus with it being larger than your last piece of equipment you have got no chance of ‘losing’ it in the attic or letting it gather dust in your downstairs cupboard.

With the constant reminder, you will be hitting that beach body in no time.

And in Second Place

Total Gym XLS – Universal Home Gym

This gym is slightly pricier than some others on the market, but a massive plus of this little beauty is just that, it’s size.

The Total Gym XLS offers the variety that all of the others on the market do, but with a smaller footprint, it feels more like a home piece of equipment as opposed to you just nicking your gym’s cable machine and putting it in your living room.

The machine is one of the most versatile offering 80, yes eight zero different exercises in one little device.

It can (well you might need to put a bit of effort in) offer – strength training (toning galore), cardio (fat busting), circuit training (inch losing) plus stretching (you will need that).

This machine can literally do it all.

The Total Gym XLS has several attachments to make all the above possible, including a leg pull accessory, a squat stand as well as some extra DVD’s thrown in for good measure.

My personal favorite is the DVD’s offer advice on nutrition and healthier eating as well, so not only can you smash the exercise part with this machine but you can follow up to date and specific nutrition advice to really compliment your sweating, we don’t want that hardcore 45 minutes to be a waste of time.

The DVD also includes workout ideas and tips on how to do the exercises safely, but effectively – the worst thing is to have this machine, or any for that matter and not have a scooby what to do with it.

Not only will the DVD’s show you exercises but they have also put together full body workouts, so you really have zero excuses not to use this to its absolute full potential.

From rowing to using the pulley system to work your arms and legs, this machine has so many different options it would be impossible to get bored or let your body plateau and your results stall.

With its 400lb weight limit, this machine is perfectly suited for beginners right up to the most experienced who just haven’t got the time to get to the gym and want to bang out a quick workout at home.

Finally with the smooth glide system that allows even those who suffer from joint problems, back issues, or even arthritis to use this machine safely in the knowledge that you are supported.

And in Third Place – Spraying the First Place Winner with the Champagne

Total Gym 1400 Deluxe Home Fitness Exercise Machine

The Total Gym 1400 Deluxe is the perfect choice for those who are limited on space yet still want to get in the best shape possible by getting in solid workouts each day.

This home gym is perfect for those looking to work specific areas and really concentrate on toning (again, doesn’t exist – but you get what I mean) those stubborn wobbly bits.

But on the flip side with features such as rowing which is a great full body exercise – targeting legs, chest, arms and back in one movement, you can’t go wrong.

With this machine, you really can do it all, with over 60 different exercises you can keep those results consistent without the risk of plateauing and the fear of getting bored because let’s face it, we can get bored very quickly especially when it comes to things that are hard.

This impressive piece can even fold away easily allowing for extra storage which I guess can be a positive, but a negative when we forget we even own it and only when we hoover behind the couch do we remember.

So even if you haven’t got a 7-bed mansion, you can still quickly fold up and down and store for a later time (preferably tomorrow).

This machine offers everything from stretching, cardio and strength training plus with its variety, it can be used by beginners and advanced alike.

Whether you have used a home gym before or not – do not fear, this little beauty will have you feeling confident in your swim stuff in no time at all with its mass range of exercises and workouts.

This gym can save you an absolute ton of money on gym memberships plus with it being right in the home it will save you the time and hassle of going to the gym – just do me one favor?

Don’t fold it away and forget about it – that shit would be a travesty.

The Best Value Total Gym

Weider Ultimate Body Works

This budget-friendly total gym comes from Weider, a fitness company that offers not only durability but also quality products, and this home gym is no different offering you the chance to target specific body parts or work out your whole body at the same time.

This home gym offers a workout guide that will hold you by the hand and walk you through over one hundred different exercises, and it features adjustable wheels with an incline that can change to offer you various resistances.

The included resistance bands allow you to change the resistance up to fifty pounds with the addition of all four bands.

With its fold away system and the fact is has a smaller footprint than most other home gyms, it makes this specific gym, not just crazy value for money but also the most versatile and can be used in any home whether you live in a 15-bed estate or a one bedroom apartment.

This machine is mainly resistance and strength based, so it is an excellent addition to your usual cardio or pilates routine.

For what you get the Weider Ultimate Body Works is great value for money and offers the versatility, durability that you would look for in a total home gym.

Top Tips for Your New Home Gym Equipment

Lack of consistency and boredom go hand in hand, and are the top reasons people fall off their routine – they get bored with their workouts so don’t do them. There are also other factors that get in the way, that means the results stall which means you lose motivation and all of a sudden we aren’t doing anything. Instead, you can use these tips to get extraordinary results with your total home gym.

  1. Plan 2/3 days you can workout consistently each week.
  2. Change the routine every so often (roughly every 4 weeks) but if you feel yourself getting bored after only a week or so then change it up sooner to avoid boredom.
  3. Don’t go die hard too quickly, this is a marathon, not a sprint, and you going fast too soon is only gonna go end up one way.
  4. Make sure you keep on track with your nutrition and meals – the last thing we want to happen is letting those intense workouts go to shit because we can’t control what’s going on our plate.
  5. Please don’t let your new workout friend turn into a clothes horse, yes it’s sharing your house with you, but that doesn’t mean we use it as a utensil.


When it comes to getting in the best shape possible, not only do we need our nutrition, food planning, and meals to be on point but exercise and working out has to become part of your daily routine.

There are some excellent total home gyms out there, and in my opinion, they are so much more sensible then getting lots off different pieces of home gym equipment especially if you haven’t got a whole lot of space.

But either way, before we purchase one we need to make sure we really think about it beforehand – not just for space but also for the fact you want one that is going to work towards what you want to achieve.

For example, the Weider Ultimate body works is an excellent gym concerning value, but it doesn’t offer a whole lot of strength.

So if you are slightly more advanced or looking to build some serious muscle, then you could feel you’ll hit the highest this machine will go quite quickly.

Home gyms are perfect if you struggle with confidence and possibly anxiety when going into, what some people call, the most intimidating place out there.

But we don’t all have to be a member of the gym to see results, this is why these home workout systems and home gyms can be a great alternative.

Having the one-off investment as opposed to having a monthly spend that you have with the gym can seem like a big upfront cost, but if used correctly and consistently that’s exactly what it becomes – an investment.

Plus I think, the fact you have a reminder of it every day gives us the motivation (hopefully) to use it, unlike your gym card which can be very much out of sight out of mind when it’s put at the back of your wallet.

On the flip side, the home gyms and any other equipment can very quickly turn into an extra ornament on your bedroom floor or an excellent airer for drying your clothes in the living room.

I’ve seen it too many times plus been there several times myself.

Bought a treadmill to you know, get fit and that, used it religiously for the first 3 days, then gave myself a day off, and you know how the story goes.

That day off very quickly turns into 2 and all of a sudden it turned into the new home for my works clothes each night.

Anyway, I love the variety that these home gyms offer you, and if you invest in one that gives you cardio plus strength and with a cheeky added extra of help with your nutrition, you have got the full guide to hit your body transformation and weight loss goal really.

One bit of advice though –

The reason why I only used my treadmill for 3 days then sacked it off – I hit it too hard.

I hadn’t exercised in a long time so went and went from zero to one hundred very quickly.

What does this lead to?

Burnout and resenting whatever workout you had chosen.

If I had let the treadmill turn up, sat down and worked out a plan and was sensible, I probably would still be running now.

But do you know what?

I can’t stand running and haven’t done it since those 3 glorious days.

So do some research, find the perfect home gym for you and then sit down with a plan.

I know plans and writing don’t sound attractive, all you want to do is sweat off the last 7 months of takeaways, and I get it.

But going too fast in the beginning is only gonna go one way, and that is south very quickly.

Let’s say you haven’t worked out for the last year – walking home from the pub 3 nights a week doesn’t count by the way.

Well, you are gonna want to go to working out every day and eating all the vegetables in sight right?

BAD idea.

Pick 3 evenings to start with and bang out a workout on those nights – but write it down and stick it to the fridge or kettle or laptop, wherever you look every day, that way it will be a visual reminder to yourself to do it.

Again if it’s planned in your head, it won’t get done.

Then when you have banged out those, you can look up it to 4 a week but change the exercises round – that way you won’t plateau, AND you won’t get bored.

You are already doing the same exercises 3 times a week – the last thing we want you to do is to get bored and fall off the wagon.