Medicine balls can be a great exercise tool, and when used properly, are great for yoga, Pilates, strength training, and even for rehabilitative purposes, such as for use after an injury. They help strengthen your core, give you more flexibility, and allow you to strengthen other muscles in your body, as well as tone. #gymlife #workout #fatloss #review

Medicine balls can be a great exercise tool, and when used properly, are great for yoga, Pilates, strength training, and even for rehabilitative purposes, such as for use after an injury. They help strengthen your core, give you more flexibility, and allow you to strengthen other muscles in your body, as well as tone.

There are a lot of different brands, weights, and styles of medicine balls available for purchase, which might make the task of choosing a medicine ball for beginners a bit difficult. However, there are certain medicine balls that are geared more toward beginners, which can help narrow down your options when you are considering which type of ball to start with.

Absolute Best Medicine Ball for Beginners

AmazonBasics Medicine Ball

At first glance, the AmazonBasics Medicine Ball looks pretty simple – almost like a basketball. It doesn’t have too many special features or things about it that more advanced brands have, but it is perfect for those who are looking to begin using a medicine ball for the very first time. The simple design is what makes it appealing – as well as the ability to select from different weights as you progress through your workouts.

The AmazonBasics Medicine Ball is available in weights from four pounds up to twenty pounds, although if you are a beginner it is always recommended that you start with a lower weight and work your way up. Each weight of medicine ball from this brand is a color-coded differently, so if you do decide to pick up more than one, you can easily tell which weight you are using by the colors, as well as the weight, which is stamped onto the side of the ball.

Use this ball for classic workouts that feature medicine balls, such as squats, passes, and lunges, or add it to your yoga routine for extra strength training. The ball features a durable rubber construction that offers a great gripping surface, making it easy to grab and hold onto even during your most intense workouts.

Runner Up Best Medicine Ball for Beginners

Titan Fitness Titan Soft Wall Ball Medicine 6-30 lb Core Workout Cardio Muscle Exercises

This medicine ball that is made by Titan Fitness offers a lot of different features from other medicine balls in its class, including the construction of the ball itself. This medicine ball, which is available in several weights including six pounds, ten pounds, fourteen pounds, twenty pounds, and thirty pounds, is perfect for all skill levels.

While beginners might want to stick to the six-pound weight, it is nice to know that you can easily move up when you are ready to add a little extra resistance to your workout. The Titan Fitness medicine ball is highly durable thanks to its high-quality synthetic leather exterior construction, which can even hold up to the ball being used to be tossed at targets, such as wall throws.

The ball features double stitching to hold it closed, meaning it should have a very long life if used properly and well taken care of. The six-pound ball measures approximately fourteen inches in diameter, making the ball a bit large, but it also makes it a bit easier to hold on to, especially for the beginner. These balls are perfect for twists, lifts, squats, and lunges, and can be used in conjunction with other exercises to really jazz them up.

Third Best Medicine Ball for Beginners

Sports Research Performance Medicine Ball | Helps develop core strength & balance – 5 different weight sizes available

Another great choice for medicine balls for beginners is this ball from Sports Research. This medicine ball offers a rubberized construction with a great gripping surface to allow you to hold onto the ball more easily and not worry so much about dropping it, even during strenuous workouts. The ball also comes in a variety of weights in two-pound intervals – they start at four pounds and work their way up to twelve pounds.

While a beginner might benefit best from the four-pound weight, since they only go up to twelve pounds, as you progress you might find yourself looking into other medicine balls. The bright colors and the weight stamps help you identify which ball you are using, which is great if you plan on purchasing more than one size.

Since they are made of quality rubber, they are perfect for using for exercises that require throwing, such as wall throws, as well as the classic exercise ball workouts that make them such a great tool. The durable construction of these medicine balls will give you the reassurance that you are purchasing a quality product that you will have in your home gym for many years to come.

Best Value Medicine Ball for Beginners

Danskin Medicine Ball for Women, Exercise Weight Ball, Weighted Toning Ball, Strength Training, Cardio, Soft Surface, 6lb, 8lb or 10lb

Danskin is an exercise brand that many are familiar with, most likely thanks to their active wear clothing line and some of the exercise equipment that they make. This medicine ball from Danskin is a great choice as a value medicine ball for beginners, and it turns out it is a pretty great find.

If you want to start working out with a medicine ball but aren’t sure of your level of commitment – maybe you aren’t sure it’s for you – then this medicine ball can be a great way to dip your toe into the water and try it out. Available in six, eight, and ten pound weights, this ball is ideal for beginners. The ball has a smooth surface that is made from high-quality vinyl, which also offers a soft gripping area that makes it easier to hold onto the ball during workouts.

The weighted medicine balls are a more compact size, making them a lot easier to hold onto than some of the bigger balls on the market. The colors of the ball, as well as the weight stamp, making it easy to see which weight you are using, and while they are only available in the three weights listed, they are a great choice for making your first foray into medicine ball use.


When you are choosing a new workout program or tool, it’s always best to start as a beginner so that you can work your way up without as high of a risk or injury. The same is true for medicine balls – beginner sizes are the best way to go, and you can always work your way up to a larger size. There are so many benefits to incorporating medicine balls into your workout, including strength training, working your core muscles, burning calories, and even using them to be able to lift better.