When you are looking to do some cardio or aerobics and need an exercise mat, you want one that is sure to keep you cushioned and safe. A lot of exercise mats can bunch up or flip on hardwood floors, making them dangerous and frustrating. If you’ve already tried several different exercise mats and still have the same issue, check out a few of the ones listed here. #exercisefitness #yoga #fatloss #review

Not the most exciting topic but hey, your safety and comfort is paramount when it comes to exercising so finding the best exercise mat for hardwood floors to stop the slipping, bunching or sliding is really important.

We’ll go into more detail below, but right off the bat, the best exercise mat for hardwood floors is the Pogamat Large Anti-Tear Workout Mat.

A more economical option and best value is the Yoga Direct 6-Feet Square Yoga Mat.

There are a ton of exercise mats out there and an absolute gym load of reviews, so it’s gonna be easy to get caught up in the hype and excitement.

You’re busting a gut to perform the exercises from your youtube workout video or wrap yourself up like a pretzel doing yoga in your living room, so making sure you are supported and not feeling like you are lying on pavement is critical.

Here we have compiled a list for you with what we believe are the best out there for not just style, comfort, support, and durability but also more importantly which one is going to be the best value for your money.

The frustration of bunching mats and having to restart your 30-second plank over and over because the mat has slipped from underneath you is no more.

First up We Have the Absolute Best Mat for Hardwood Floors

Pogamat Large Anti-Tear Workout Mat. Used WITH Or Without SHOES!

This absolute gem is perfect for even the most intense mat exercises, with its nonslip material it means it stays 100% in place when performing anything from the plank to those horrible burpees.

This large mat allows you to perform anything from yoga to dance and get a real sweat while working on that beach body and with the sturdy material you can keep your shoes on with it, without running the risk of damage or tearing to your new exercise companion.

Unlike others where you need to be in bare feet or socks – hygiene alert – you can keep your shoes on for health, safety and of course comfort purposes, plus they are brand new, right? You aren’t taking those brand new Nikes off for anyone.

The piece de resistance (said in a French accent of course) is the memory foam, making it extra think and extra comfy.

Have you ever laid on a memory foam mattress for your bed?

Or wore a pair of trainers with the memory foam insole in?

That stuff is INSANE! You struggle to get out of bed when lying on one of those, so this mat is perfect for comfort and supports even with the most irritated of backs.

With the soft, cushioned, memory foam at the top and the honeycomb grip at the bottom to stop bunching or slipping this product is an absolute winner for all exercises enthusiasts.

In a Very Close Second – Definitely Not Disgracing Itself

Gorilla Mats Premium Extra Large Ultra Durable Exercise Mat

This mat is ultra-durable, and at a generous size, it is perfect for any sorts of exercise ranging from yoga to dance to stretching, with its extra thickness it allows for comfort as well as style.

With this large exercise mat being extra durable you can use with or without trainers on – meaning you can keep those bright whites on your feet without someone leaving a footprint on them as they walk past.

Its particular circle design on the bottom allows for the mat to stay super stable even when performing the most intense and robust of exercises (lol).

You have got no worries about it slipping from underneath you and causing injury to you or to whoever you share it with 😉

With its handy straps on the side you can quickly roll up and put away when you are done for safe and secure storage – I’ve tripped over an unraveled mat or two in my time – not fun.

Coming complete with a towel you are all set to get started straight away with whatever exercise regime you will be busting out – no excuses!

And in Third Place – Coming in Waving Around the Bronze Medal

Square36 Extra Large Exercise Mat, 8 x 6-Feet

This extra large mat is perfect for any exercise – no matter how intense, and the soft cushioning allows for maximum support.

With a full 6mm of thickness, this not only gives you comfort but supports all those joints no matter how delicate they can be!

Its size allows room for not only you to exercise but to drag a partner along as well to get some variety to your workouts but without having to worry about injury to you or them.

This mat is also designed for an additional yoga mat to go on top which will allow even more thickness and support for even the most complicated of yoga poses.

With its circle pattern at the bottom of the matt means it will not slip or bunch up when you are performing anything from a downward dog to those blasted mountain climbers!

Now If You’re Looking for Value for Your Money, Then This One Is Your Best Shout

Yoga Direct 6-Feet Square Yoga Mat

At 6 feet it can fit even the most vertically gifted and allow you to have room to maneuver, being slightly bigger then your traditional yoga mat this makes for a great base to do exercises on your own or with a partner.

Everything from yoga to your most intensive cardio or if you’re feeling musical and possibly had a prosecco or two bang out some of your best dance moves!

The mat comes in a whole host of colors – ranging from blue, purple, and olive green so you can choose one to go with any color scheme in your room or home gym.

It is 1/4 inch thick and measures 6 x 6 feet making it a square which is a great added variety between this and most other mats you find – allowing you to perform even the most technical of exercises without the risk of falling outside of the mat and injuring yourself on the floor beneath you.

With the added extra of the nonslip bottom you can rest assured that you won’t be sliding anywhere no matter how rough you are with it 😉 and with the extra thickness, the comfort and support are absolute second to none.

The variety of bright colors plus the nonslip texture makes it cracking value for a hardwood floor mat, although it is important to note that the mat is better used with shoes off – so make sure you wear a decent pair of socks.

The mat is super durable but due to the nature of the material it can have a tendency to tear when used with shoes on – saying this though with the variety of colours and the size it is an excellent value for money for an exercise mat for hard floor – just make sure your feet are clean before taking your shoes off !

Best Exercise Mat Reviews Recap

There is a cracking choice of hardwood floor mats here – and they all have their own pros and cons depending on what you are looking to use the mat for.

Wanting to share it with a partner? Then I would 100% recommend the Yoga Direct 6-Feet Square Yoga Mat, for me, it is your best shout.

As it’s a long and broader yoga mat, so with the square type shape you have plenty of room for anything from Zumba to stretching to yoga.

You can get all that at extraordinary value for your money and everyone loves a bargain right? With just the one minor downside is taking your shoes off due to the durability and manner of the material used, it can have a tendency to tear when used with shoes on.

But if you are wanting to keep your shoes/trainers on then, I would 100% go with the Pogamat Large Anti-Tear Workout Mat. It offers you everything you could want, and with its durability and comfort, you can even use it for a snooze after your intense workout as well – get someone to grab you a pillow!

Exercise Mat vs. Yoga Mat

When it comes to whether a yoga mat or exercise mat is best, it merely comes down to what you will be using it for.

If you are sticking to the poses and breathing that yoga offers you then go with the thinner yoga mat – although if your joints can be a bit delicate, then you will be wanting something with the extra support that an exercise mat provides you.

The exercise mats have the thickness, comfort, and support but can still be used for some of the poses and exercises you would be doing in a yoga class.

You want to go for something that not just has the support and the comfort but also the versatility – so if you did want to bust out some burpees and sit-ups then you have the option to do that , knowing the mat isn’t going to slip on the hardwood floor and also give you the support when and if needed.

The ‘pogamat’ would 100% be my recommendation as this has ALL the gadgets and whistles – all it’s missing is a bottle opener to open that post-workout beverage!

But with the durability, comfort, variety, and shoes allowed, and non-slip surface it offers everything – so no matter what exercise and at what intensity, you’ll be sure you will not just be supported but all importantly safe when using this specific mat.

How Thick Should an Exercise Mat Be?

When it comes down to the thickness of an exercise mat – we are looking for the thicker, the better although if you’re looking at one thicker then around 1/4 inch then you are in the mattress section not exercise mat section!

The added thickness comes with added comfort, which is essential when undertaking exercises – especially if you are new to yoga or indeed any activity you are performing at home.

Making sure you are comfortable on the mat allows you to concentrate on the exercises and poses rather than keep fidgeting because it feels like you are lying on your kitchen table.

Not too comfortable hey?

Can’t have you falling asleep mid class – but maybe that’s how we should test these mats from now on – who can fall asleep the quickest,

Anyway –

The thicker the absolute better – making it not just comfortable but allowing you to be supported, making sure all joints are stable at all times is absolutely paramount to your safety – we don’t want you doing your back in after the first session do we?!

So the added thickness gives you support not just for your back but also hips, knees, shoulders, neck and of course head.

But not forgetting that the thicker the mat means, the thicker the material thus making it less likely to tear – unless you are wearing ice skates on it that is.

Ya – don’t do that. Your best socks or some clean trainers will suffice.

Either way, the thickness will make it durable allowing you to enjoy your exercise mat for years to come – even when you go off the boil, and it sits in the cupboard for a few months until January rolls around again – and you set your new years resolution – when you dig it out – wipe off the dust and give that yoga another go!

What to Do Next?

So now you have purchased your brand new exercise toy, how about we put a plan together on how to use it and the most effective ways to lose weight.

We can always go out of the way to buy the exercise equipment – we will order the most expensive one to make sure we have the absolute best chance to succeed in our weight loss mission.

But we need to know what to do right?

You don’t want to be all the gear, and no idea do you…?

So you can do a whole ton of simple and basic exercises on the exercise mat – with it being supportive and comfy we can bang out a really decent full body workout, this type of workout is absolutely essential when it comes to weight loss.

Who says you need a gym membership?

I get it, gyms can be really intimidating, we assume everyone is fitter than us, stronger than us, better looking than us and have generally got their whole life together.

Whereas we have been sat on the sofa for the last 17 years and feel like an overweight sloth.

Fear not my friends just with your simple exercise mat we can get you well on the way to that beach body god or goddess you have always dreamt of.

So keeping it really simple to start with making sure you got some space – we don’t want you knocking over your grandmother’s 65-year-old vase that has sat proudly on your mantelpiece for years,

Secondly, injuries are a nightmare and can set us back a shed load when we are wanting to get back on the wagon – as much as the mat will support you we don’t want to aggravate an injury already there – but you know your own strengths and when you can push yourself or when you are being just a little bit lazy and making excuses.

So most importantly STRETCH before and after and if that injury is niggling be sure to be careful!

Now a simple workout can come down to a massive range of things – age, ability, experience, flexibility and most importantly your goal.

What do you want to achieve?

Why have you bought this epic new exercise mat?

What did you buy it for?

To look pretty in the corner?

To aid you in a mammoth transformation?

If you bought it for simple stretches as you are recovering from an injury, then no excuses get those done – whatever your physiotherapist prescribed you to do – get them done and at the correct dosage as well!

If you bought it to try out your local yoga class – then book it and go – first times can be scary – I have been there, worried I won’t be able to keep up or whether I will do it wrong. You will feel so much better having got the first one out the way and then ultimately laugh at yourself because it wasn’t half as bad as you first feared.

If you bought it to do some workouts at home in the front room – type ‘full body beginners home workouts’ into youtube and smash out one of those 3 times a week. These will be great to follow as whoever is doing the exercise will give you the correct form and technique to make sure it is beneficial but also safe!

If you bought it for all the above, then get cracking!

You want to look and feel awesome, so light home workouts without the intimidation of the gym is a perfect place to start!

This mat workout for beginners breaks it down into specific things you can work on – light exercises such as glute bridges, bodyweight squats, lunges, kneeled press ups – these exercises are great for beginners as they are bodyweight meaning you don’t need any equipment and they are perfect for weight loss when done consistently as part of your routine.

Using an Exercise Mat at Home Is so Much Better Than Not Exercising at All

With the intimidation of going to the gym or even leaving your home when you are going to be getting hot, sweaty and not feeling all that attractive, having this great alternative of being able to do simple exercises at home using your mat is a great way to get to your goal.

You have some simple exercises above that you can get cracking with to really work those muscles, get the blood pumping and start to get the pounds to melt away.

If losing weight is your ultimate goal, tarting around at home with simple exercises is not only going to help the inches shrink but also get you feeling fitter and staying fitter in the long run.

With the mat as your workout tool, you can work at many different levels and with the comfort and support of the cushioned material from the mat you can do many floor exercises as well as the regular standing exercise like the squats and lunges mentioned before.

Some great exercises for helping strength and losing weight is full body workouts which include abs and core based sessions – making your new mat all that more critical with its cushioned support and memory foam comfort, a massive plus if your lower back can play up from time to time.

When planning your home workouts be sure to find one that hits every muscles group, making you speed up those results and not be flaking and fall of the wagon by Wednesday only to promise yourself you’ll start again next Monday – how many times have you told your self that?

The more you stick with it, the more you will see results – will it be hard?

Yep, there is no point me telling you it will be easy BUT if it were a walk in the park everybody would be wondering around with six packs and those bingo wings would be a thing of the past.

But if it were easy to lose weight, then the sense of achievement when we have actually smashed our goal and got the result we have always wanted wouldn’t be worth it.

The sense of pride, the aching body, the failed exercise, the time when you started and could only do 1 rep, and now you can do 12, the red face, the empty water bottle, the smelly socks, the overuse you have got from your new mat.

All that – makes the whole thing so worthwhile when you strip the weight, drop the pounds, lose the inches and finally put on that one pair of jeans you have had hanging in your wardrobe forever which you can now finally put on and feel your confidence hit the roof.

When you have done that – then it will be all worthwhile.

So be sure to not only purchase your new hardwood floor mat – whichever one it is you choose to go for.

But get some great use out of it, and if you are patient, consistent and put in a little bit of handwork then I promise you the results will be worth it!