If you and your family find yourselves eating a lot of processed meals that are full of sodium and unhealthy ingredients, these meal planning containers can be a real game changer for you. With the ability to choose what you’re eating and how much, you will see how much easier it can be to get healthier! #mealplanning #mealprep #healthyeating #foodprep #review

When thinking about your health, you probably think about how important it is to work out and eat healthily, but you might not realize just how vital eating right – and controlling your portion size – can be.

If you and your family find yourselves eating a lot of processed meals that are full of sodium and unhealthy ingredients, these meal planning containers can be a real game changer for you. With the ability to choose what you’re eating and how much, you will see how much easier it can be to get healthier!

Absolute Best Container for Meal Planning

Evolutionize Healthy Meal Prep Containers – Certified BPA-free – Reusable, Washable, Microwavable Food Containers/Bento Box (7 Pack, Double Compartment, 28 Ounce

Getting fit a healthy is not just about working out – it’s about proper diet and portion control, too.

With these Evolutionize healthy meal prep containers, you will be able to dish out appropriate portions of your favorite meals, whether you plan on taking them to work for lunches or leaving them in your refrigerator for easy and perfectly portioned family meals.

An excellent investment for those who are looking to plan out healthy meals in a large or busy family (or even just for you), these trays feature two compartments that can hold up to 28 ounces of food.

Perfect for granola and berries, or chicken and veggies – anything you want to put in your container, you will find yourself using these often due to their durability and the fact that they are easily washable and can be reused many times.

Dishwasher safe, these containers can go from the freezer straight to the microwave, making unhealthy and sodium-laden store-bought freezer meals a thing of the past.

The see-through lid gives you a great idea of what is inside the container, and the stackable feature will easily allow you to pile your refrigerator or freezer full of these containers, while still being the perfect size to squeeze into a lunchbox.

Runner Up Best Container for Meal Planning

Simple Houseware10 Pack – SimpleHouseware 3 Compartment Food Grade Meal Prep Storage Container Boxes (36 ounces)

Want to start creating some healthy meals for you and your family, but aren’t sure where to start? These Simple Housewares food containers for meal planning are perfect for families who are busy, on the go, or are looking for some portion control so that they can enjoy their favorite meals without worrying about overeating!

These 36-ounce containers are divided into three different compartments – perfect for all of your favorite meals, whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a midday snack.

Great for your child’s lunchbox or to create fantastic family meals for those busy nights when everyone gets home at a different time, these trays are top rack dishwasher safe, so there are no worries about having to spend long periods of time hand washing them.

The containers are freezer and microwave safe, so you can take a meal out of the freezer, pop it right into the microwave, eat, and then place it in the dishwasher for easy cleanup. The containers are highly durable and will hold up to plenty of uses throughout its lifetime.

The stackable containers save on space, and the FDA approved plastic of both the lid and container will set your mind at ease.

Third Best Container for Meal Planning

Chef Fresh Packs Meal Prep Containers 3 Compartment [14 Pack] & Leak Proof 1oz Sauce Cups. Microwave & Dishwasher Safe, BPA Free, Bento Lunch Box Food Containers (Alive Green)

These bright green trays help make portion control and healthy eating fun, whether it is on the go in a lunchbox or at home from the freezer. This 14 pack of containers comes with lids, which are made to be thicker than your average meal planning container, making them more durable and longer lasting.

The three compartments in the containers are ideal for breaking up your meal into different sections, such as chicken with rice, veggies, and a salad.

These trays are microwave safe up to two minutes with a microwave wattage of up to 700w. The lid allows the trays to be stacked, so you can place them in your refrigerator or your freezer with ease, allowing you to reach for a healthy meal instead of a store-bought meal that is loaded with sodium and unhealthy ingredients.

The trays can easily go into the microwave from the freezer, and then straight to the dishwasher after eating, where they can be washed with ease and then reused time and time again.

The materials that the trays are made out of are FDA approved and BPA free, so you can rest assured you are giving your family the very best in a safe container. Another bonus of these trays is the small, 2-ounce sauce or condiment cups that come with them. Bring your salad dressing or barbecue sauce – whatever you want – in these small reusable cups.

Best Value Container for Meal Planning

AmazonBasics Bento Lunch Box Containers – Set of 4

If you are new to meal planning or are looking for a few trays to use when going to school or work, these AmazonBasics Bento lunch box containers are perfect for you. They come in a set of 4 for a great price, each with a different colored lid that looks nice and helps you identify the contents of the containers.

The containers are stackable and have three compartments to keep your food where you want it, and are made from FDA approved materials that you can feel good about putting food into.

The large compartment is big enough to fit a sandwich, while the smaller compartments are ideal for salads, vegetables, or fruits. While the lids are designed to be easy open, they are not leak proof, so it’s important to keep this in mind when packing food into them.

The containers are freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe, so they will definitely fit into your busy lifestyle. These are ideal for saving leftovers or fixing your family easy lunches to go.

Since these only come in a pack of four, you might find yourself purchasing more than one set if you find yourself loving them, because they make portion control and meal planning a breeze!


Whether you are new to meal planning or have been doing it for a long time, finding a brand new meal planning container can be a pain, thanks to all the options on the market.

It is essential to make sure you choose a container with features that you find necessary, such as the ability to stack them, freezer/microwave/dishwasher safe designs, and a large enough capacity to put the food you want into the container.

Meal planning is sure to make life easier and healthier, and with a set of meal planning containers, you’re that much closer to a healthier lifestyle.